Roofing Faq

Will my roof actually leak before it needs to be replaced?
No, not necessarily the many layers of underlying felt are designed to stop water penetration even though the top surface may be damaged.

How long will the entire process take?
Most residential roofs can be completed in 1 to 3 days. Commercial projects vary by size and type.

Are all shingles created equally?
No, there are many types and designs that vary by thickness, and warranty lengths that can range from 25yrs to a lifetime.

Can I put a new roof over an existing roof?
Yes you can. State and city codes will normally allow 2 layers of roofing. If you currently only have one layer you can install a 2nd layer.

Do I need to be there for the estimate and the installation process?
No, you can get your estimate by filling out our simple “Get a quote now” page. With our GPS estimating software we can issue an estimate direct. Normally no one needs to be home for the installation process as well.

Will my Flat roof require normal maintenance?
Yes, all roofs should be looked at and maintained once or twice a year. We have an affordable and specialized program just for that.