Repair & Maintenance Programs:

With our affordable annual and bi-annual (Recommended) maintenance programs you can prevent long term damage and extend the life of your existing roof. We perform a 30+ point check (see list below) of your structure and roof to ensure the inside of your building is protected from the elements. Cleaning and several repairs are included in this inspection. A written report and photographs will also be provided.

30 Point Inspection Check List

  1. Clean all roof drains.
  2. Clean off Roof.
  3. Spot check inside and attempt to repair leaks
  4. Re-fasten loose counter flashing up to 30 linear ft.
  5. Re-fasten loose gravel stops up to 30 linear ft.
  6. Re-fasten loose coping up to 30 linear ft.
  7. Re-fasten loose gutter spikes up to metal
  8. Re-fasten loose apron metal up to 50 linear ft.
  9. Refasten loose termination bar up to 30 linear ft.
  10. Check and seal roof drain leads.
  11. Check and seal soil stacks.
  12. Check and seal hot stacks.
  13. Check and seal HVAC curbs.
  14. Check and seal fan boxes.
  15. Check and seal termination bar up to 50 linear ft.
  16. Check and seal counter flashing up to 50 linear ft.
  17. Check and seal vertical flashing joints – membrane.
  18. Check and seal loose coping metal.
  19. Check fells for dryness and brittleness.
  20. Check Seams on single ply roofs for openings.
  21. Redistribute loose gravel.
  22. Re-fasten loose shingles.
  23. Re-fasten loose coping metal.
  24. Replace missing drain strainers (up to 2).
  25. Straighten gutter screws.
  26. Attach loose downspouts.
  27. Remove moss and debris from roof.
  28. Tighten drain bolts.
  29. Complete written report showing roof conditions (photos if necessary).
  30. Report necessary upgrades and improvements.